General Instructions for the Patients

All new patients must take an appointment for consultation. To book an appointment contact clinic and make sure to take and read the guidelines meant for new patients.

Patient not present at the appointed time needs to book another appointment.

With the help of homoeopathy one can successfully treat a big number of diseases and avoid un-necessary surgeries.

Surgery is an important and respectable medical speciality and some cases it is very much required and unavoidable. Our aim is not to malign surgery but to provide alternative treatment options.

Despite best efforts, complete success in some cases is nearly impossible.

Homoeopathic physician plays a vital role in the homoeopathic medical system. It is highly recommended that you select your homoeopath with great care. Instead of leaving homoeopathy it is highly advisable that you try a change of homoeopath.

Share with your homoeopath all the problem that you are suffering with. You may find 2 problems to be different but in reality those may be related to each other.

During homoeopathic consultation in addition to the details of the current problem do discuss your old problems as well as the problems that may have run a course in your family. It is important to share the details of the problems that your parents and siblings have suffered from. It does not matter whether they are living with you or not or they are alive or not.

Note down the important points of your case on paper so that you do not miss them during consultation.

X-rays and other pathological tests are important to understand your case thoroughly. These are helpful in the homoeopathic treatment too. Kindly bring along your old reports and cooperate with your physician if new tests are prescribed.

SPECIAL - Must Tell the Doctor

If you are sensitive to any thing such as food items, dust, smell, weather changes etc.

If your problems occur or get aggravated at some particular time or condition such as afternoon, morning, evening, night, change of season, only daytime, only at night, on waking or after sleep, after starting to move, before or after menses, after sex etc.

If you have some repeated dreams.

If anyone in the family suffered from some congenital anomaly or condition such as hole in the heart, any organ [ fingers, kidneys] more or less than the usual, cleft lip or palette, absence of anus or urethra etc.

If anyone among your first blood relatives like your parents, grandparents, siblings or uncles and aunts suffered from any such condition such as asthma, tuberculosis, diabetes, kidney problems, thyroid, cancer, tumours, blood pressure, hernia, piles, fistula, ulcers, joint diseases, migraine, insanity or depression etc.

If you suffered from these in your childhood or at any other time - cough, pneumonia, prolonged diarrhoea, jaundice, measles, chickenpox, malaria, dengue, boils, stones etc or any condition recurrently like cold, fever or typhoid etc.

If you have been taking oral medication or applying topical application such as Crack cream, Betnovet, Zalim Lotion etc for boils, pustules, fungus. cracks of skin etc or if you suffered from urticaria, eczema or any other allergy, or suffered from otorrhoea = ear discharges.

Life Style

Your life style affects the outcome of the treatment so it is highly advisable to follow instructions related to life style changes with determination.

Food, sleep, living conditions, exercise and work style and hours are part of your lifestyle and need to be taken care of.

Early to bed and early to rise helps your biological clock tick properly and that helps you stay away from hormonal diseases. A rule of thumb is to sleep the same day as of your rising, thus sleeping before midnight.

Disconnecting yourself from rest of the world helps you fall asleep easily so kindly switch off your phone, computer or TV some time before going to sleep. You can always read or watch remaining news, messages the next day.

Like all other addictions, the social media addiction is reflective of your emotional/ mental weaknesses and is treatable as well as should be treated like other addictions.

A day will always continue to have 24hrs. Give your tasks appropriate time within a limit of time. Rest of the remaining tasks can be taken up next day. Greed is bad, always.

Make a list of your tasks as per priority and work according to your list but you must remember that nothing is above health in the priority list of life. Whether you are working to achieve big or to enjoy the luxuries nothing beats the importance of a healthy body.

Spare half an hour of your day for creative or sports activities. This helps you remain a human being and stops you from turning into a machine. Play with loved ones and friends is always preferable to exercising alone.

Have your meals on time and quantity of food should not very much. Eat your food after proper chewing. Avoid distracting activities like watching TV etc during meals.

Have plenty of after in the day but avoid drinking water during meals. You can have as much water as you want half an hour before or after meals. Chew your food so well that you do not need water to swallow it.

Special for Homoeopathic Treatment

Avoid using strong smelling items during homoeopathic treatment.

Try to keep a difference of about 20-30 minutes between food and medicine but you can drink water anytime. You can have medicines empty stomach also.

Your Destination for Health and Wellness

Dr Sudhanshu Arya